Medication Availability

Ensuring Medications Are Available And Delivered When Your Patients & Residents Need Them

Convenient, reliable, dependable medication services

Providing long-term care settings, public health settings and residential living communities with organized prescription management solutions. Our team of highly qualified professionals partner with you to deliver tailored pharmacy services including Medicare Part D solutions, IV services, dispensing, specialized packaging, delivery and innovative reporting tools.

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Immediate, On-site Access to Medications

PharMerica provides on-site pharmacy and emergency and first dose dispensing.  Dispense medications in patient and med pass specific packages while staying fully integrated with customer and pharmacy systems.  On-site medication availability systems provide immediate access to emergency, time sensitive and new admission first dose medications.  PharMerica’s solutions are secured with strong authentication.

Online Ordering, Order Tracking and e-prescribing

PharMerica’s solutions to online ordering, tracking and e-Prescribing include a user-friendly and secured web-portal that streamlines medication ordering, electronic refills and tracking, and automated status alerts via email, text, or fax. PharMerica also offers the ability for your physicians to send electronic prescriptions and interfacing with all leading Electronic Medical Record vendors.

Admission and Discharge Assistance

Discharge planning is not complete without assuring your resident has the medications they need to continue their care at home.  PharMerica handles all the details, so your residents have one less task to worry about. We can also simplify the resident transition from hospital to facility with our referral program that partners with hospital discharge planners and care coordinators.

Medication Packaging

PharMerica has the ability to provide multiple dispensing options from blister packs to multi-dose.  We are willing to work with the facility in order to determine which option best suits the unique needs of our client.

Regardless of the packaging, we guarantee timeliness of deliveries and medication accuracy, backed by consistent and responsive customer services.

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