COVID-19 Vaccine Fast Facts

    1. Only safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines that have been rigorously tested in large, well-designed studies with tens of thousands of volunteers will be available.


    1. COVID-19 vaccines are following the same rigorous, multi-phased testing process as every other vaccine.


    1. COVID-19 vaccine development is moving faster than normal because our top medical experts have made it their highest priority, not because steps in the testing process are being skipped.


    1. The FDA will share information about authorized or approved COVID-19 vaccines so you can see the scientific evidence for yourself.


    1. COVID-19 vaccine developers are trying to make sure their clinical trials reflect the nation’s diversity, because these vaccines must be proven safe and effective for everyone.


  1. Medical experts and career public health officials, not politicians or their appointees, will decide when a COVID-19 vaccine is safe, effective, and ready for public use.

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