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PharMerica’s “Spoonful of Sugar” is a podcast series we have developed in partnership with McKnight’s Long Term Care News, designed exclusively for long-term care professionals and dedicated to looking at trends, issues, and the future of the skilled nursing, senior living, and behavioral health sectors.

Ep 12: Psychotropic Stewardship Can Be The Cure To Stepped-Up Audits

Ep 11: Working smarter, not longer: Overcoming staff vacancies by improving operational efficiency

Ep 10: Innovative Care Transitions Make Life Better for Everyone

Ep 9: Rising Costs and the Need for Growth, Part 2

Ep 8: Rising Costs and the Need for Growth, Part 1

EP: 7 More MDS coordinators are walking the floor. Is that a costly mistake?

EP 6: On Air, and On Your Side

EP 5: How Operators can Find the Best Way – or ways – Forward

EP 4: Setting the Record Straight on the White House’s Nursing Home Reform Package

EP 3: Bringing Health Home: The Transitional Care Management Model

EP 2: Overcoming Staff Vacancies by Improving Operational Efficiency

EP 1: Empty Bed Syndrome: The Impact of Staffing Shortages