How long have you been in the long-term care industry and what is your role at PharMerica?

I’ve been in the long-term care pharmacy industry for 36 years. I’ve had every type of role you can imagine working with small independently owned pharmacies and publicly traded ones. I even owned pharmacies at one time. This entrepreneurial background has helped me better understand and support our clients, as many are entrepreneurs themselves, and strategize with them to solve the challenges they come up against like staffing, census regulations, or other issues. My whole job is about taking care of clients by being their strategic partner.

How would you describe PharMerica today?

We have much greater market presence and name recognition than ever before because we’re growing and evolving to meet the changing and dynamic healthcare environment in which we all work. As we’ve expanded, we’ve diversified our comprehensive pharmacy service offerings, and we have exciting new products to offer our clients to help them ensure quality care. The energy around our growth is contagious.

How can our nurse consultants help facilities who are facing staffing challenges?

Our nurse consultants act as true partners and establish deep relationships. Through the comprehensive services they offer, they’re relied on to help take care of residents through activities like med pass training. In many ways, our nurse consultants, as well as our consultant pharmacists, serve as an extension of the facility’s team. There’s a lot of turnover right now at facilities. As a result, new people are always coming on board. We’re able to help them out and help prevent gaps in patient care and services as well as staff knowledge.

How would you describe the culture you’ve built?

It’s really about the team, the way they work together, and their understanding of and respect for each other. That’s fundamental. It’s also about transparency – letting people see the whole picture and sharing information that they often didn’t get before. And it’s about bringing people together as a team rather than working in silos. That starts at the top with our executive leadership that allows us to build our individual teams that are also collaborative and work with others within and outside of our organization for the success of our clients.

What are the top 3 things that set PharMerica apart from the competition?

First is the depth of industry experience we have. Our expertise is unrivaled in the industry. Second is the character of people in our company and their commitment to doing quality work. Third, we have unparalleled national scale and resources. Together, these give us the team and tools to best serve our clients, and they know that. In fact, our controllable client retention rate is 96%, and that’s unheard of in the senior care pharmacy industry.

National resources are so important, but how do they get delivered locally?

It’s not a one-size-fits-all industry. Healthcare in general and long-term care specifically are really very local or regional industries. So you need that local presence to understand how to accommodate the differences in the various marketplaces. Having a local presence allows us to develop programs and processes to fit each area provider. We also give our local staff the autonomy to customize what’s needed to take care of a client, and they know that they can tap into our national resources to do that.

Tell us about your customer service team.

Our customer service center ensures that everyone who calls in is listened to, respected, and receives the necessary follow up. Our team is 24/7/365, and because of that, we are there for our customers even with there is an emergency, crisis, or disaster. For example, if there’s a hurricane and a local pharmacy closes, the calls roll over to our customer service center, and the team there makes sure we get medications to residents. They help ensure that every facility can provide quality care, even in the most turbulent and unpredictable of times.

What do you want clients you service to say about PharMerica?

I want them to feel they have a true partner because that is what we are. This stems from our local presence, expertise, and willingness to think outside of the box, whether that means delivering a new program for them or trying to help them solve a problem, even one that’s not pharmacy related.

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