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Client Spotlights

Aligning with our clients’ strategic objectives, we serve as a true partner and extension of their internal teams. Hear in their own words how we can collaborate with facilities to customize an approach for better care and future success.

Reconnecting With Long-Term Care Physicians: A Revolution At Hand

In today’s chaotic world of healthcare, it’s easy to see how terms like “innovation” and “change” can become a punchline.
Since its inception, Signature HealthCARE has backed up those words with its devotion to revolutionizing every facet of long-term care – from the business it conducts with the vendor community, to the way it recruits and treats its 17,000 employees, to the care it delivers at the bedside of thousands of residents.

Desert Blossom And PharMerica Enhance Discharge Process For Lower Costs, Reduced Readmissions

Desert Blossom is a health and rehabilitation center in Mesa, Arizona, that strives to exceed the expectations and make a difference in the lives of those it serves by providing exceptional care and services, including post-acute care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and wound care.

Preserving Medication Access During Emergencies

Extreme weather, man-made threats and other emergencies can cause long term care facilities to lose power, shelter in place or even evacuate, posing potentially serious health consequences for the elderly and disabled.

DischargeRx Helped Promontory Realizes A 3 Percent Reduction In Rehospitalization Rate Among Long-Term Discharged Chronic Patients.

Promontory Healthcare Companies, a Portland, OR-based provider of transitional care units in several U.S. markets, including skilled nursing facilities specializing in rehab and sub-acute care, acute care and psychiatric facilities, and home care operations.

Trust, Responsiveness Key To Success In Nine-Year Partnership

Medicalodges is a textbook example of how a provider becomes a true reflection of the communities it serves.

Seniors At The Heart Of Eskaton’s Strategic Partnership With PharMerica

It’s easy to see how a place like Northern California is so alluring, with its world-famous vineyards and Silicon Valley, the epicenter of technological innovation.