Behavioral Health

The Most Pharmacy Expertise
In The IDD Market

PharMerica offers the most pharmacy expertise in the IDD market, helping to improve resident outcomes and functioning while reducing your organization’s risk. We provide pharmacist and nurse driven clinical support for nurses, staff, and consumers, and we provide the services of a certified developmental disabilities nurse as a resource to all facilities we serve.

Our Person-Centered Approach Makes Medication Management Easier For Individuals And Communities With Value-Added Products And Services:

  • Specialized packaging and customized labeling that ensure the right dose at the right time
  • Prescriptions cross-checked for allergies, interactions, and efficacy
  • Dedicated IDD healthcare experts for peace of mind
  • Prior authorizations, pre-shipment approval for non-covered items, and billing support ease the burden
  • 24/7/365 pharmacist availability for extra medication counseling
  • eMAR/EHR system interface
  • Clinical consulting, education, and support
  • Regulatory compliance and advocacy


With our robust pharmacy services, staff and caregivers can spend more time focusing on individual activities and quality of life.

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