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Ep 2: Overcoming Staff Vacancies by Improving Operational Efficiency

March 22, 2022

Guest Spotlight:
Robert Brandi, Vice President, Health Services, Eskaton
Tighe Hammam, Vice President, Residential Services, Eskaton

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The workforce crisis in long-term care is not new, but has been decades in the making. However, it’s now at a tipping point. Long-term staffing plans are certainly worth considering, but ultimately freeing up staff from administrative tasks and introducing operational efficiencies that allow them to spend more time with patients is in everyone’s best interest – especially because many administrative tasks in long-term care are repetitive and tedious, leaving care teams overworked and with less time to spend on patients. Yet with minimal investment, hundreds of hours can be saved while delivering better patient outcomes, lower operational costs, and faster revenue recognition.

In this episode, we’ll examine trends, challenges, and opportunities facing long-term care leaders in skilled nursing. You will walk away with proven methods to enhance operational efficiencies while improving outcomes.

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