Jeremy Colvin

What drives you and your passion in your role?

When the opportunity presented itself to go into long-term care pharmacy, I never thought I would make a career of it. But what drove me to stay was partly professional and partly personal. Like any industry, you begin to develop relationships with your customers and the colleagues you work with. I’ve found long-term care to be a relatively small industry, and the players are very real people with a passion for the field. These relationships are important and continue to develop over time, so the longer you’re in the field the more trust you engender.

On a personal level, I see my family in my work every day. It’s important for me that every resident get the kind of care I wanted for my own grandparents.

How do you create a culture of cohesiveness, caring and empowerment?

Many people who work at PharMerica will have a family experience with long-term care at some point. And they understand the importance of what we provide on a very personal level. They are empowered to make an impact on those we serve. That is one piece.

The second piece is that being responsible for growth means that we’re responsible for people’s jobs; and that’s a very real thing for us every day. There are a lot of people counting on us to continue to drive the business forward for their own livelihood, as well as their professional growth.

How do PharMerica’s local clinical teams make an impact?

Our nurse consultants and consultant pharmacists are the hub that keep everything together and deliver best-in-class service to our customers. They are local in that in almost every instance, they live in the community, their kids go to the same schools, and they go to church together. These people are the face of the company. They are the ones who are always available and who our clients count on. Ultimately, we align the clinical service, education and support they deliver locally with the power and resources of a national platform.

How does PharMerica’s operational excellence continue to make an impact?

Customer-facing efficiency and operational excellence go hand-in-hand and are a function of technology and operations workflows. In long-term care, we’re always working to take a current workflow process and integrate that into a technology-boosted process that saves nurses’ time. To do this, it’s about asking the right questions to help us understand what the frontline CNA or nurse needs.

How does your customer-focused approach make PharMerica a trusted partner?

It’s about understanding our customers’ priorities and aligning the resources we have with solutions and services they need. That’s a matter of communication first and foremost, then making sure we deliver what we say we will. Being proactive and responsive makes it easy for our customers to do business with us; and that is always our goal.

Last year, we saw the significance of having these strong connections and trusted relationships. COVID was a huge test of our partnerships, and we showed our customers that they could trust us to be there for them in the darkest hour.

How does PharMerica bring its local expertise to the heart of every community?

We offer something no one else does: the best of local and national services and resources together.

What local means to a community or nursing home on one side of town may be very different from one in a neighboring area. We recognize the need to understand and address individual expectations and what builds trust community by community, facility by facility.

At the same time, the resources, technology and workflows we’ve developed at a national level are consistent across our enterprise and give local entities access to tools and expertise they couldn’t get otherwise.

What are the top 3 things that set PharMerica apart from its competitors?

First and foremost, it’s always people. You can have the best of everything that makes up the foundation of who you are as a company, but it’s the people who deliver it in the field every day. People are our number one asset.

Second, we are committed to delivering quality across the board and in all areas. This means training and support, customer service and much more. We lead the industry in medication availability, cost containment, billing accuracy, and clinical, regulatory and educational support.

Third, consistency is essential. Things are going to happen, unexpected challenges will pop up, but it’s how well you can react – consistently — that counts. For example, we understand that if a client says they need something in 45 minutes, we have to get it there in 30.

What is one thing you want people to know about your teams?

Transparency with my team is the most important thing. We have shared goals and maintain a level of open communication in understanding where the bar is and where we need to go. Then we collaborate to make sure everyone is bringing the skill sets they have to get to where we want to go within specific timeframes.

What do you want clients to say about PharMerica?

That they trust us. You don’t build trust by being good in one area and dropping balls in others. Trust is the core of everything that we do; and at end of day, trust comes down to patient care and quality. What we do enables our customers to provide a level of patient care and quality that they’re proud of. And we’re proud to support them in these efforts.

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