PharMerica is Serving New York State

Providing Value Beyond Medication in New York State

PharMerica Selected as Pharmacy Provider

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PharMerica is a leading institutional pharmacy that currently services over 35,000 beds throughout New York and is one of the pharmacy providers selected to serve:

  • Residential facilities, including residential homes, I/DD group homes, and foster care
  • Mental health agencies, psychiatric and behavioral health centers, supportive housing, and ACT teams
  • Inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment and recovery centers
  • Correctional facilities and juvenile detention centers

throughout New York State.

World-class pharmacy services in your backyard.

That’s what PharMerica delivers.


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Pat Schuermann at [email protected] or 516.491.7638
Ryan Windelspecht at [email protected] or 518.588.8333

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NYS Contract Number PC69488 for Pharmaceuticals (Individual Prescriptions) Statewide & Regional: