Pharmacy Technician Training Program

This program is active in Vancouver, Kent, and Spokane, Washington.

Enrollees in the program are provided all tuition, training materials, and instruction free of charge with a 12 month commitment to continue working for PharMerica as a licensed Pharmacy Technician in the state of Washington.

The PharMerica Pharmacy Technician Training program in Vancouver, Kent, and Spokane Washington is creating opportunities for individuals who are looking for a career entry opportunity in the closed-door pharmacy industry. Pharmacy Technicians are highly valued in our organization. We invite you to review our training program as you explore a career as a pharmacy technician as your next move. We are certain you fill find that our work environment is both inviting and educational.

Why Choose PharMerica’s Technician Training Program

Choosing a vocational school or community college for your pharmacy technician career is a difficult decision. These schools’ tuition is typically around $10,000 annually not including books and other supplies. Our program is is designed to provide the same level of instruction in our unique long term care practice environment. You earn the same qualifications – PTCB certification and Washington Pharmacy Technician Licensure as you would with attending one of the community or vocational colleges and paying tuition. In PharMerica our tuition is free, training materials are free, and the instruction is free to you as Pharmacy Technician Trainee employee of PharMerica.*

 What we offer

Through PharMerica’s Pharmacy Technician Trainee Program you will learn though didactic, academic, and on-the-job training experiences. Our program is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to take and pass the national pharmacy technician certification board exam (PTCB) or the Exam for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians (EXCPT) exam to become a licensed pharmacy technician in the state of Washington. Our on-the-job training program is fully approved by the Washington Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission. Upon acceptance into our program all training materials are provided at no cost to you.* You will be paid while learning from our Pharmacists and Technicians instructors who are invested in making sure you are successful in your new role.

Why join the PharMerica team?

PharMerica is the long-term care pharmacy services provider of choice for senior living communities, skilled nursing facilities, public health organizations and post-acute care organizations.  We offers unmatched employee development, exceptional company culture, seemingly endless opportunities for advancement, and the highest hiring goals in decades.

Why being a pharmacy technician at PharMerica is different than at a retail Pharmacy

Retail Pharmacy Technician

PharMerica Pharmacy Technician

• Standing long hours performing order entry

• Order Entry performed seated at a desk

• Cash register duties

• No cash registers to run

• Open to the public

• Not open to the public

• Phone calls from providers and customers

• Phone call from providers only

• Limited advancement opportunities

• Substantial advancement opportunities

• Limited Departments: Order Entry, Fill Tech, Cash Register, Billing/Adjudication roles

• Expansive Departments: Order Entry, Fill Tech, Billing/Adjudication, Physician’s Order renewals, Controlled substance recordkeeping, Cycle fill, Satellite fill, Automation, and Electronic E-Kit.

Advancement Opportunities

Upon successful completion of the program, passing the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB), and obtaining a Washington Pharmacy Technician licensure you will be offered a promotion and corresponding pay increase as a full-time Pharmacy Technician at PharMerica

Our career progression for Pharmacy Technician includes opportunities such as Lead Technician, Technician Supervisor, Manager of Technicians, Pharmacy Operations Manager, Account Manager, and Account Executive.

Pharmacy Technician Training Program Education at PharMerica

Our training program has a dual purpose. First, to give trainees essential training in general pharmacy operations, pharmacy language, pharmacy laws, packaging and labeling procedures and pharmaceutical calculations. Secondly, the training program is a preparatory aide in passing the “internal” final exam as well as the PTCB or ExCPT exam. With specific activities, written exams and time dedicated for discussion, the training program is a valuable tool in staff development and quality assurance.

Our approach of combining both academic and experiential experiences along with assigned instructors ensures you receive feedback and regular progress towards your goal of obtaining a Washington Pharmacy Technician license.


Roles and Responsibilities of a  Pharmacy Technician Trainee

  • Fills prescription items, as permitted by the State Board of Pharmacy, packaging medications for dispensing and for delivery, meeting accuracy and productivity standards of the pharmacy
  • Labels products appropriately, including cautionary or auxiliary labels
  • Prepares medications including emulsions, liquids, powders and ointments, which may include non-sterile compounding
  • May reconcile and fill EDK (Emergency Drug Kit) boxes
  • Participates in the periodic inventory of the pharmacy
  • May check in drugs and supplies, stock shelves and remove out-of-date items from the inventory
  • May process returned medications from the facility for credit or destruction
  • Performs Order Entry for new/refill medications.
  • Files documentation as required by pharmacy regulations.
  • Responds to customer inquiries as necessary.
  • Fills IV prescriptions and prepares Sterile Compounding according to PharMerica’s standards of quality, customer service, productivity guidelines and State Board of Pharmacy regulations.
  • Cleans and maintains Sterile Compounding room per USP 797 guidelines
  • Performs other tasks as assigned

Admission Requirements and How to Apply

Visit our Pharmacy Technician Trainee job posting found on Pharmacy Careers with PharMerica and BrightSpring Health.

Apply Now

Accepted applicants must obtain a Washington Pharmacy Assistant license by submitting a Washing Pharmacy Assistant Licensure Application and paying the application fee. Pharmacy Assistant Application Packet (

*Enrollees in the program are provided all tuition, training materials, and instruction free of charge with a 12 month commitment to continue working for PharMerica as a WA licensed Pharmacy Technician.