Senior Living Resident Adoption Resources

Help Your Residents Experience the Freedom They Deserve

To help you keep residents healthy, safe, and enjoying what matters most in life, we’ve created a variety of resources that can be used to promote PharMerica and drive adoption of your preferred pharmacy.

You can choose from the following five resource categories to help introduce your residents to the benefits they’ll realize when they choose PharMerica as their pharmacy.

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Video Resources 

At PharMerica, we have a wide range of service offerings that benefit your residents. Share these informative videos with current and prospective residents.


Social Media Resources

You may utilize the sample graphics and post copy on your social media platforms below. 


TV Ad Resources

The following digital ads can be used on community TVs and displays. If you need other sizes or file types, let your account manager know. 


Digital Resources

Browse three of our digital resources below.

Resident Flyer: Highlights six perks for seniors choosing PharMerica as their pharmacy provider.

Download Resident Flyer

Infographic: Explains how PharMerica offers ease, safety, convenience, and support to seniors.

Download Infographic

Freedom Guide: The summer issue features three effective ways seniors can prevent falls through exercise.

Download Freedom Guide



Form Resources 

Browse some of our form resources below.

Your residents may utilize the form attached to enroll with PharMerica.

Download Enrollment Form

Browse a full list of OTC medications priced under $4.00.

Download OTC Formulary