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The total pharmacy solution for today’s senior living and memory care residents.


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Developed specifically for the diverse needs of Senior Living Communities, ValueMed streamlines medication management and enhances communication to reduce errors and improve outcomes.

Daily Medication Delivery

We guarantee your residents receive medications seven days a week, so they have the meds they need, when they need them. Consistent availability helps residents stay on track with their plan of care, and pharmacist oversight reduces errors. We also deliver emergency medication needs on a 24/7/365 basis, further reducing risk.

Robust Over the Counter Meds

Quality, cost-effective OTC medications delivered directly to the community saves residents time and effort going to the drugstore. Each order is cross-checked by a pharmacist and compliance-packaged for individualized dosage, adding an extra level of assurance and safety.

24/7 Pharmacist Access

Your residents and their families can call our pharmacists 24/7/365 to answer questions or address concerns, which saves your staff time and delivers unprecedented peace of mind. Our pharmacists are specially trained in the needs of senior living residents.

Compliance Packaging

Our packaging is specially designed to help keep residents safe, reduce medication errors, aid nursing staff in administration, and maintain regulatory compliance. Each order is packaged for individualized dosage and cross-checked for interactions and allergies.

Resident Insurance Coordination

To reduce staff burden, we bill Medicare Part D and other resident insurance plans directly, and coordinate with prescribers to ensure residents’ medications are covered, obtain pre-authorizations, initiate refills, and more.

ValueMed Pharmacy

A dedicated one-stop shop staffed by experts in the needs of assisted living facilities and their residents, acting as a single point of contact for questions about prescription benefit insurance, billing charges, and more.


ValueMed streamlines their tasks so they have more time for residents.


A secure online portal designed the ease the burden of community staff. ViewMasteRx enables access to real-time information like medication orders, prescription history and billing information. Staff can also manage reports, schedule refills, set up daily alerts, and more.

Staff Training & Education

ValueMed University gives your staff on-demand online training tailored to the needs of senior living. We offer over 1000 courses reviewed every six months for latest content, with classes designed specifically for nurses and CNAs.

No Charge EZ-MAR

Combines electronic ordering and electronic medication administration record (eMAR) functions in a single system. Ideal for Senior Living Communities, it enables instant access to a resident’s complete treatment history, and synchronizes records with a date/time stamped audit trail.

Implementation & Enrollment Tools

To make ValueMed successful in your community, we provide Enrollment Engagement tools and information to aid you and your residents, and a dedicated Account Manager who will help every step of the way


Developed specifically for the diverse needs of Senior Living Communities, streamlines medication management and enhances communication to reduce errors and improve outcomes.

Information is an easy to use online portal and mobile app where you and your trusted family members can monitor medications, print reports, pay bills, research in our drug reference library, and much more.


Our staff are pharmacy experts specially trained in the needs of senior living residents, and we have 30 years of experience in providing safe, effective care to seniors.


View insurance information, see resident cost share or copays, and pay pharmacy bills online.


Our online portal and Service Center enable trusted family members to help you manage your medications, no matter where they are. You both get 24/7/365 access to all your medication, provider and insurance information, plus helpful tools.

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ValueMed sets your community apart.

With over 30 years of experience providing pharmacy services for seniors, a leading-edge OTC program, and enhanced communication between residents, families and caregivers, ValueMed offers a total pharmacy solution for senior living communities.

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