Antibiotic Stewardship

Antibiotic Stewardship Program

Reducing Medication Overuse & Resistance While Improving Outcomes

As Antibiotic Stewardship Program experts, PharMerica knows maintaining a compliant program is critical to ensuring quality care and outcomes – and lowering your risk of fines. With new surveyor guidance on unnecessary antibiotic use, now’s the time to make sure your program is up to date!

It has Never been More Important to Annually Update your Antibiotic Stewardship Plan

A CMS Survey showed that 40-75% of antibiotics prescribed in nursing homes may be unnecessary or inappropriate.


Keep Your Facility in Compliance

PharMerica’s model antibiotic stewardship program addresses the core CDC program requirements, including facility leadership support, accountability, antibiotic use policies, tracking tools, and even diagnostic and infection management guidelines.

If your facility is out of compliance with F-881, you risk a CMP of $235 per day until the violation is corrected.

Plus, our program is reviewed annually by an infectious disease specialist to not only meet regulatory requirements, but to ensure the program is up-to-date with treatment guidelines and other best practices.

Need More Help?

We offer additional resources to help you ensure optimal use of antibiotics, including:

  • Education: Comprehensive training is available for clinicians on antibiotic resistance and improving antibiotic use
  • Tracking: We can assist with monitoring antibiotic use, resistance, and outcomes, and provide regular reporting
  • Case Consultations: Our consultant pharmacists can advise on a case-by-case basis to ensure appropriate antibiotic selection, dose, frequency, and treatment duration


To learn more, contact your Consultant Pharmacist or reach out to our experts at 1-800-564-1640.

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