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Behavioral Health


Recognizing and Treating Depression in I/DD Individuals

For those with Intellectual and developmental disabilities, the risk of depression is higher.  But proper diagnosis can be a challenge.  Find out the steps you can take to better support those showing symptoms.

Drug Disposal: Safe, Compliant, and Environmentally Sound Destruction of Pharmaceutical Waste

In this eGuide, learn how to dispose of unused pharmaceuticals in a way that is both environmentally sound and compliant with applicable regulations.

8 Tips to Reduce Staff Stress and Enhance Resiliency

Chronic staffing shortages and heavier workloads can lead to burnout, performance issues, mental health problems, and poor work-life balance. Learn steps to take to support your teams so they come to work recharged and ready to meet your residents’ needs.

5 Steps to Prevent Common ADEs in I/DD Individuals

Individuals with I/DD are more likely to be hospitalized as a result of an adverse drug event (ADE). Reasons for this include communication barriers that contribute to improper diagnoses, complexity of treatments, and the number of medications these individuals take. Learn 5 steps to prevent common ADEs in I/DD individuals.

Medication Management: Reducing Risk and Improving Outcomes for Individuals with I/DD

Individuals with I/DD have higher comorbidities than the general population and tend to take more long-term medications. Learn 3 key tips for successful medication management to improve care for the individuals you serve.

7 Steps to Prevent Exploitation of Individuals with I/DD

Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the US experience a higher rate of abuse than the general population. Learn more about their risk factors and 7 ways your staff can help prevent abuse.

6 Ways to Help Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities Process Big Change

Changes can trigger distress and make it difficult for anyone to adapt to the new normal. For those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, processing major life developments can be especially challenging. Learn 6 ways to help them adjust to change.

4 Workforce Challenges and How to Address Them

The I/DD industry and the needs for behavioral care and services are growing.  Like many other healthcare sectors, the pandemic exacerbated already existing staffing shortages.  Find out 4 workforce challenges and how you can address them.