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Resource Savings Start at Med Pass

When you’re seeking opportunities for cost savings, the med cart is a good place to start. Learn five steps you can take right now to put resource savings in action.

The New RSV Vaccine: Who Needs It?

The new RSV vaccines are now available. Learn 10 facts about RSV, the vaccines, and who should receive them.

5 Ways a Consultant Pharmacist Contributes to Psychotropic Stewardship

Psychotropic stewardship takes a team, and the consultant pharmacist is a valuable member. Learn 5 steps consultant pharmacists can take to contribute to successful psychotropic stewardship.

Outbreaks: Don’t Panic, Prioritize

“Outbreak” is a frightening word in long-term care. Learn 5 tips to help you take a step back, prevent panic, and move forward with effective infection prevention.

5 Ways DONs Can Be Career Ambassadors

Whether they’re students or mid-career professionals, nurses don’t always think of long-term care as an environment where they can hone their skills. DONs are in a perfect position to change that perception. Learn 5 ways DONs can help attract and engage nurses in long-term care.

Same Medications but Different Labels: The Cost-Saving Role of FDA-Authorized Generics and Unbranded Biologics

The cost of some lifesaving medications and therapeutics has been an ongoing concern. Fortunately, increasing availability of non-branded medications, including common insulins and inhaled medications, provide the same benefits for residents but at a lower cost.

The Move to MDS 3.0. 1.18.11 Is Coming. Are You Ready?

Leah Klusch, founder and director of The Alliance Training Center, provides advice on how to make the move to MDS 3.0 1.18.11 as easy and trouble-free as possible.

4 Long-Term Care Challenges Deconstructed: A Nurse Leader’s Insights

Long-term care facilities face many challenges and DONs are at the forefront. Mindi Estes, RN, regional nurse consultant for Mission Health Communities, shares her insights on how DONs can meet these challenges while improving staff morale and enhancing quality of care.

A Roadmap to Savings

In this infographic, learn 6 strategies that can help SNF operators start saving and improving the health of their bottom line.

Preventing Costly Problems with Psychotropic Stewardship

Implementing a psychotropic stewardship program requires time and effort, but it will prevent headaches, problems, and costs down the line. Learn how in this article.

Improve Collaboration for Better Medication Management, Despite Staffing Shortages

In this Timely Topic article, learn 6 ways your facility can engage in collaborative efforts to improve medication management.

Ease Nursing Woes with These Med Pass Tips

Between staffing shortages and CMS guidance for surveyors, med pass has become challenging in many facilities. Learn 5 tips for increasing efficiency while ensuring accuracy and appropriateness.

5 Steps for a Successful Cost Containment Strategy

Taking a closer look at medications can help facilities save money without sacrificing quality. Learn 5 steps your facility can take to reduce costs while delivering quality care.

Falls Risk Toolkit

Did you know that 1 in 4 four Americans over the age of 65 falls each year? Read/download our Falls Risk Toolkit to learn about risk factors, the effect of some medications, and steps to take to prevent resident falls.

Preventing Falls with Exercise

Fall risk increases as we age and is a leading cause of serious injury and even death. Learn about 3 popular exercise disciplines your community may want to offer to help residents increase balance and stability.

Wound Care in Seniors

Nearly half of people over age 65 will experience at least one pressure ulcer in their lives, a risk that increases for frail older adults. Learn the 5 things you and your staff should know about wound care.

7 Ways to Address Frailty

Recognizing and addressing frailty helps residents live longer and leads to better outcomes. Learn how 7 elements of successful frailty management can help you and your staff improve residents’ quality of life.

Strict New Hazardous Drug Disposal Rules Now Affect Nursing Homes

It’s been estimated by University of Chicago researchers and others that more than $2 billion a year in drugs are being wasted in nursing homes.

Healthy Holidays – 6 Tips for Safer Celebrations

With the worst of the pandemic behind us, the 2022 holiday season is shaping up to be a happy one. This is especially true for residents in nursing homes or assisted living communities who missed out on family celebrations in past years.

A Model of Quality Care During Transitions

Find out about PharMerica’s Continue Care program, to provide quality care to your residents as they transition back home.

8 Ways to Positively Engage Cognitively Impaired Patients

Many long-term care patients will experience some degree of cognitive impairment or dementia at some point. Here are 8 ways staff can help engage and support them.

Combatting Polypharmacy at Discharge: Ensuring Appropriate Use of Complex Regimens

As population age and the number of individuals with long-term conditions increase, so does the incidence of polypharmacy.

Standing Up Against Medication Mismanagement to Prevent Falls

Falls are a common cause of injury in seniors, and medications can increase risk.

Heroes, Handwashing and More: Infection Prevention F-Tags

Today we look at our healthcare workers as heroes! And, rightly so. They stepped up to the head of the bed when needed and treated an illness that had never been seen before.