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8 Steps to Manage Your Online Reputation

Your online reputation is critical, and everyone plays a part. Follow these eight tips to help ensure prospective residents, families, job seekers, and legislators see your organization in the best possible light.

Drug Regimens in I/DD – Why They’re so Complex

Anyone who works with individuals with I/DD knows that they often have complex regimens with multiple medications. Take a deeper dive into the reasons for the complexity, including both behavioral and physical health issues, and learn how working with an I/DD pharmacist can help.

Expert Insight: Robert S. Budd, Senior CEO/President, Family Residences & Essential Enterprises

In this interview, I/DD leader Robert S. Budd discusses the “magic” that happens when individuals’ insights and talents are honored, his efforts to reframe the sector as a valued community partner, and the challenges and opportunities he predicts for the future.

6 Tips to Address Incontinence and Reduce Falls

Some form of urinary incontinence affects nearly half of all adults over age 65 and is a key contributor to fall risk. Learn how understanding the signs and causes of urinary incontinence, communicating openly with residents, and having protocols to help guide staff can help keep residents safe.

Falls Risk Toolkit

Understanding the causes of falls and knowing how to prevent them is critical to protecting the health and safety of the residents in your care. Our Falls Risk Toolkit provides valuable information on risk factors and steps you and your staff can take to help keep residents safe.

5 Steps to Manage Aggression in Senior Living

Whether perpetrated by residents, staff, or visitors, aggressive behaviors aren’t uncommon in senior living. Learn 5 tips to help foster a better understanding of aggression and keep everyone safe.

Q& A with Joshua Segal, SNF Exec Director & Administrator

Joshua Segal, Executive Director & Administrator at Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Providence, Rhode Island, talks about his top concerns, strategies for cost containment and staff retention, and how new technology is supporting nurses and helping keep residents safe.

I/DD and Heart Disease: 8 Tips to Manage Risks, Reduce Complications

Individuals with I/DD have an increased risk of heart disease and may develop heart conditions at an earlier age. William Mills, MD, Executive VP of Medical Affairs for BrightSpring Health Services, shares 8 tips for effective care planning.

SGLT2s and GLP-1s and Their Role in Managing Heart Health

Some non-insulin medications are contraindicated in patients with certain cardiac conditions — a fact that can make caring for diabetic residents a challenge. Fortunately, two drug classes have shown to be effective alternatives for those with both diabetes and heart disease. Learn more about these treatment options.