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PharMerica Selects SinguLab to Deliver Pharmacogenomics Solutions for Facilities

November 7, 2023

Houston, TX and Louisville, KY – SinguLab, a nationwide provider of precision medicine and diagnostics solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with PharMerica, a large-scale pharmacy company in the US, to power pharmacogenomics (PGx) insights, resources, and nationwide diagnostics support for all PharMerica clients. This partnership will help facilitate continuous, real-time analysis of potential medication risks, deliver ongoing PGx best practices education, and offer clinical providers the option to utilize SinguLab’s Partner Network for best-in-class PGx laboratory solutions.

The 6,000 customer locations and more than 44,000 individual or group homes served by PharMerica’s expansive national pharmacy network will now have access to SinguLab’s proven framework for the effective utilization of pharmacogenomics, supported by SinguLab’s national network of precision medicine programs, educational opportunities, and clinical resources.

The science of pharmacogenomics helps to identify and mitigate potential risks associated with an individual’s unique response to a medication, and the results of a PGx test can be used by ordering providers to help identify safer and more effective therapies.  Optimizing resident medications with PGx, in conjunction with standard medication management initiatives, can help to reduce risks from unwanted side effects, adverse events, medication adherence, and prescribing cascade.  Supporting precision care programs like PGx affirms PharMerica’s ongoing commitment to innovation that delivers value beyond medication.

The partnership between PharMerica and SinguLab will enable seamless, real-time monitoring of residents and patients for potentially dangerous drug-to-gene interactions. These categorial assessments of potential risk can be used by clinical providers, along with other resident factors, to assess the potential benefit of a non-invasive PGx test based on the latest high-quality clinical evidence.  Providers who choose to utilize PGx testing may leverage the SinguLab partner network of CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited diagnostic laboratories.

“We’re pleased to announce SinguLab’s expanded partnership with PharMerica to offer PGx solutions to the pharmacy provider’s facilities and communities,” said Bryon Cipriani, CEO, SinguLab. “Together, we will democratize access to the benefits of precision medicine by enabling facilities to utilize PGx to identify, monitor, mitigate, and manage potential medication-related issues among residents.”

“PharMerica strives to continually elevate its clinical offerings to help clients improve their outcomes, ratings, and growth in an increasingly competitive market” said T.J. Griffin, Chief Clinical Officer, PharMerica. “With SinguLab, we are formalizing our continued partnership over the years to help bring forward tools to ensure residents are on the right personalized medication regimens that help them live their best lives.”

To learn more about SinguLab’s partnership with PharMerica, contact [email protected] or call 832-995-0580.


About SinguLab®: SinguLab® is on a purpose-driven mission to optimize, innovate, and empower precision medicine programs nationwide by developing a comprehensive and programmatic approach to personalized patient care. With the strength of our multidisciplinary team of experts and carefully curated national Partner Network, we blend personalized diagnostics, evidence-based medicine, and clinical support resources to create sustainable, affordable, and measurable personalized medicine programs.  SinguLab’s proven solutions framework serve multiple care settings, including long-term care, provider groups, and individual clinicians.

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About PharMerica: PharMerica is a large-scale provider of infusion and specialty pharmacy services, as well as home and community-based pharmacy solutions. The company filled over 34 million prescriptions in 2022 from over 180 pharmacies across all 50 states. PharMerica is a customer- and patient-focused organization serving health care providers, such as skilled nursing facilities, senior living communities, and hospitals, as well as individuals with behavioral needs, individuals with infusion therapy needs, seniors receiving in-home care, and patients with cancer. The company provides highly accurate medication delivery and support services to over 350,000 patients with service reliability, cost containment solutions, and clinical, regulatory and educational support for its clients and their residents and patients.

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