nexus trust with your customers webinar

Why Culture, Transparency And Trust Matter Now More Than Ever With Your Customer

January 13, 2021

Presented By: Bob Kramer, President and Founder of Nexus Insights

Date: January 13, 2021 at 1:00PM ET

This was a zero-cost webinar offering 1 CEU.

Today, many adult children and their parents are apprehensive about a move into senior living. What is needed for the seniors housing and care industry to inspire confidence in our settings in a time of fear and uncertainty? What is the relationship between trust and transparency and why does this relationship make transparency by providers essential? What has COVID-19 revealed about the culture in our senior living communities? What is the link between how management cares for frontline staff and how these same staff care for residents?

Key Webinar Learnings

  • Understand what is meant by transparency and why it is essential to communication in the COVID era.
  • Discover how to gain or regain credibility and trust with your customers in an unprecedented time of anxiety.
  • Learn why, when it comes to your reputation with potential customers, the health and safety of your staff is just as important as that of your residents.
  • Understand ways to demonstrate a compelling value proposition for your staff.

Live Webinar Recording

This was a zero-cost webinar offering 1 CEU for live attendance and participation.