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Senior Living


The New RSV Vaccine: Who Needs It?

The new RSV vaccines are now available. Learn 10 facts about RSV, the vaccines, and who should receive them.

3 Tips to Keep Up with Increasing Regulations in Assisted Living

Rules and regulations for assisted living facilities vary from state to state and are always changing. But one thing is constant – state regulations are increasing. Learn ways to stay on top of updates and find resources to help you and your staff stay informed.

Outbreaks: Don’t Panic, Prioritize

“Outbreak” is a frightening word in long-term care. Learn 5 tips to help you take a step back, prevent panic, and move forward with effective infection prevention.

5 Ways Communities Can Bring Youth and Seniors Together

When seniors and youth come together, both groups benefit. Learn 5 ways your community can foster relationships that help seniors feel more connected and give children and teens the opportunity to learn from their life experience.

Improving Residents’ Mental Health in Senior Living

Recognizing mental health concerns in assisted living communities can be challenging. Take these five steps to keep your residents connected, enhance their quality of life, and promptly identify any mental health needs or changes in condition.

Benefits of Using a Long-Term Care Pharmacy

Long-term care pharmacies can help senior living communities increase efficiency and improve safety – and more. In this article, learn how using a LTC pharmacy can benefit both residents and staff.

Intimacy in Senior Living: Ensuring Resident Happiness, Health, and Safety

Having a policy in writing can help your community avoid challenges with residents and families. In this Timely Topic article, learn 5 steps to consider when developing your community’s sexual intimacy guidelines.


Falls Risk Toolkit

Did you know that 1 in 4 four Americans over the age of 65 falls each year? Read/download our Falls Risk Toolkit to learn about risk factors, the effect of some medications, and steps to take to prevent resident falls.

Preventing Falls with Exercise

Fall risk increases as we age and is a leading cause of serious injury and even death. Learn about 3 popular exercise disciplines your community may want to offer to help residents increase balance and stability.

Creative Dementia Care in Senior Living

In this Timely Topic article, learn new ways to meet the challenges of caring for dementia patients. This novel approach helps reduce (or eliminate) the need for medications, promotes resident safety, and helps keep residents out of the ER or hospital.


Wound Care in Seniors

Nearly half of people over age 65 will experience at least one pressure ulcer in their lives, a risk that increases for frail older adults. Learn the 5 things you and your staff should know about wound care.

7 Ways to Address Frailty

Recognizing and addressing frailty helps residents live longer and leads to better outcomes. Learn how 7 elements of successful frailty management can help you and your staff improve residents’ quality of life.

Healthy Holidays – 6 Tips for Safer Celebrations

With the worst of the pandemic behind us, the 2022 holiday season is shaping up to be a happy one. This is especially true for residents in nursing homes or assisted living communities who missed out on family celebrations in past years.

Purpose, Personalized, Plenty of Options: The Exciting Future of Senior Living

In the most recent Spoonful of Sugar podcast, guest Robert (Bob) G. Kramer, Founder and Fellow of Nexus Insights and Co-founder and Strategic Advisor of NIC, paints a vibrant picture of an exciting future for senior living.