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Senior Living


Polypharmacy in Senior Living

Polypharmacy can be particularly dangerous for seniors – it can reduce quality of life, increase morbidity, and even lead to death. By understanding the signs and risk factors, senior living communities can help prevent polypharmacy and protect residents’ health and safety.

Drug Disposal: Safe, Compliant, and Environmentally Sound Destruction of Pharmaceutical Waste

In this eGuide, learn how to dispose of unused pharmaceuticals in a way that is both environmentally sound and compliant with applicable regulations.

8 Tips to Reduce Staff Stress and Enhance Resiliency

Chronic staffing shortages and heavier workloads can lead to burnout, performance issues, mental health problems, and poor work-life balance. Learn steps to take to support your teams so they come to work recharged and ready to meet your residents’ needs.

Thinking Traps: How to Help Residents Escape

As we get older, the parts of the brain in charge of complex thinking begin to shrink.  This can make some fall into Thinking Traps, effecting how they perceive situations around them, raise their stress levels, and hurt their relationships with others.