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Transformative Tools for Impactful Communication

February 13, 2024

Presented by: Dr. Ara Sayabalian, Chief Clinical Officer at Secure Clinical Solutions, Inc.

Date: Tuesday, February 13, 2024


Elevating the quality of care and well-being for residents in senior living communities hinges largely on having a dedicated, perceptive, and connected staff. Key to achieving this is ensuring that staff feel valued, understood, and aligned with the community’s core values. So, how can leaders effectively convey their commitment to their team?

In this program, we’ll explore innovative opportunities to elevate communication and foster transparency within communities with an aim to cultivate trust, solidify team unity, and realized optimal outcomes. We’ll address practical tools for improving communication, how to build a roadmap to effective and efficient conversations, and steps to create a culture of listening and understanding both among teams as well as with residents and families.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand effective techniques to amplify communication, ensuring every voice is heard
  2. Learn comprehensive guidelines to streamline meaningful conversations
  3. Develop actionable steps to nurture a listening and understanding culture, beneficial for both team members and the residents they care for
  4. Capitalize on opportunities for greater staff retention through the use of advanced communication techniques


This program was approved for nursing Continuing Education for 1 total participant hour, as well as by NAB/NCERS for nursing home administrators, Program Approval Code: #20250212-1-A98687-DL. Audience member must have been in attendance for at least 50 minutes to receive credit.

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